9 Reasons to choose WordPress Hosting?

9 Reasons To Choose WordPress Hosting

Your Business deserves the best. Let’s Discuss how to choose WordPress hosting for your business.

What is WordPress Hosting?

    Join the 200+ companies who made it to switch better, Whether you run a website, online shop, E-commerce or agency you can contact R12cloudhosting for managed word press hosting. WordPress powers over 30% of the web. Imagine a world without servers.

    1. Shared WordPress Hosting :

   Shared Hosting is a Web Hosting solution for people willing to start a blog or any website.

The shared web hosting price starts from $2 to $10.

What type of people choose shared hosting?

    • Those who are starting a new website.

    • Who doesn’t know about hosting but looking for cheap prices?

    • Bloggers who planning to create independent infrastructure.

If you are a beginner and have a low budget, you always go for shared hosting but you always know about what you get with low prices.

What do you get with shared web hosting?

       It is very important to know about the differences between hosting and what you get with this shared web hosting whether you are doing a website or blog or anything to host.

    1. Shared hosting is as cheap as you think but you don’t get a good amount of server resources. Some web hosting companies tell that to host unlimited hosting. It’s time to avoid it.

Because in shared hosting there is no unlimited CPU, RAM, etc to load your site faster. In reality, there is no word called unlimited. When we at R12cloudhosting say unlimited that means to say about unlimited websites but we take care of all aspects of your website.

    •  Your site faces downtime since your CPU is sharing with all websites. More consumption by one website may affect all other websites on the same shared host.

    • A shared hosting business doesn’t make much money. If you’re starting a new blog or website it is a good option for you.

2. Unmanaged Hosting :

    Unmanaged hosting is about professional developers. Here you don’t get any support. Because it is a complete DIY system.

  These hosting solutions are offered by companies like vultr, and Linode pricing from $5. You don’t choose this option until You have a professional team.

What do you get Unmanaged Hosting?

1. You have full control of the server from scratch.

2. Complete responsible for any website glitches.

3. WordPress hosting offered this not for dev support.

4. Unmanaged Hosting offers the option to choose your server location etc to an interrupted solution.

3. Managed Hosting :

Managed WordPress hosting is only for Entrepreneurs who looks for growing their businesses. The best thing to know about every successful entrepreneur is what really matters for business development and they forgot about pricing They need only quality.

             Managed WordPress hosting pricing differs vary between $20-$150. It allow you to grow site loading and improve performance with fast loading. Even search engine algorithms prefer ranking fast websites.

What do you get Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting Offers everything to grow your business

Affordable Pricing

R12 Cloud Hosting Always Help Start-ups & Mid Level Companies to grow with Affordable Prices

Fast Server

Intel Xeon Powerful Hardware Connected with 1 GBPS Network Speed, Cloudlinux + LiteSpeed Optimized

24 / 7 Support

Get 24x7x365 Ticket Support, Livechat, Whatsapp & Call Support Included with all Services We offer. Faster Resolution

9 reasons for WordPress Hosting

    1. Speed :

   The first and foremost important thing is speed. Everything can depend on its speed which changes traffic to revenue. Managed hosts make an infrastructure that allows the execution of WordPress to be done speedily.

2. Better Performance :

   One reason must consider why people managed WordPress hosting is that doing higher performance. At R12cloudhosting, Managed WordPress hosting is on a cloud hosting platform, which gives a Fast Server. Intel Xeon Powerful Hardware Connected with 1 GBPS Network Speed.

3.Security : 

        Managed WordPress hosting functions heavily on an aspect of security. It takes care of WordPress as well as looking for susceptibility on behalf of the site owner. In case your site got hacked, some will work to fix it.

  4. 99.9% uptime : 

        Top tier, redundant ISP links, and Neustar’s  DDoS protection. Apart from it if issues occur with your website, then a backup service is offered with Managed WordPress Hosting.

 5. Scalability : 

        The site gets down sometimes Managed WordPress hosting work automatically affects the site traffic. This, in turn, would avoid the terrible “Error Establishing a Database Connection” error message. This message is when you lastly hit the front page of CNN, Reddit, or any of your favorite publications of yours.

6. Support :

               Managed WordPress hosts utilize experts in not only servers, but also MySQL, PHP, and WordPress itself. 

Hence, their team could assist you in troubleshooting issues at each level of the software stack of your website. 

It is known that customers get only the finest 24/7 technical support via Managing WordPress hosting from R12cloudhosting. 

This guarantees that all the issues are solved faster. Hence, people should buy hosting services from R12cloudhosting.

7. Automatic updates :

           The most general question asked by people is how they back up their site. If your website is hosted by a Managed WordPress host, then you are already hidden.

  This suggests updating the WordPress core, themes, and plugins is not carried out by the customers but cultivated automatically via the platform

8.  Staging Environments:

         In Managed WordPress hosting staging facilities you to create a replica of another domain. You can make any changes on this site.

9. Developer-friendly:

        If you are a developer you want to use developer-friendly services then managed WordPress hosting is the best option. These features may not available for shared hosting. Managed WordPress hosting comes with all the advantages described above. However, it would cost higher as compared to the shared hosting provider.

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