12 Hosting Terms Every Website Owner Needs To Know

12 Hosting Terms Every Website Owner Needs To Know

If you are a beginner who created a website recently.  Then goes to Web host. To make things easier, we‘ve put together a terminology of important web host terms that every website owner should know. Let’s discuss this.

1. Web Host :

We’re specialists in Website hosting server solutions and large-scale infrastructure distribution. It’s in our DNA. We were hatched for hosting. Web hosting knowledge is in our bones, and we’ve been excelling at it for a long.

2. Server :

A Server that is set up to deliver web pages to people’s browsers. It is a computer program that provides a service in to another computer program. It might be a dedicated server or any other server.

3. Linux Server :

Linux is one of the most used Operating systems in software. A Linux server runs on Linux operating system. One of the main reasons for Linux’s popularity is its compatibility with many apps.

4. Windows Server :

Windows server runs on Microsoft operating system. Windows is more expensive compared to Linux. Some website owners need to use this type of operating system if they want to utilize windows features.

5. Shared Hosting :

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting of all. It is ideal for small business owners and personal bloggers. In shared hosting, many different user accounts are hosted on one physical server and share all server resources. Ex: CPU, bandwidth, and memory.

6. VPS Hosting :

Virtual private server is a server that hosts multiple virtual servers. Each VPS runs its operating system. It may be hosting multiple websites. But it is a bit expensive compared to shared hosting. With this, you may not get access to a control panel out of the box. That means you may have use the command line to configure your server and set up a website.

7. Dedicated Server Hosting :

When you purchase dedicated server hosting, you are capable to do any requirements like installing an app and running an application you need to run your business. Dedicated server hosting is expensive compared to others. It is ideal for big businesses and busy websites(websites with high traffic).

 8. Cloud Hosting :

Cloud Hosting is when you run your website from the cloud. It is especially helpful for large traffic fluctuations and scales up and down the resources they need. Dedicated hosting like cloud hosting is very useful for big businesses.

9. Domain Name :

Domain name is what exactly people to refer as the website name. Our domain name is R12cloudhosting.com. Domain names are combinations of two names. One is the actual name and the second thing extension.com. You can use virtually any name you can wish. Extensions are categorized to your website. For example .com refers to a commercial business, .org is a non-profit organization, .edu is for education establishments, and .co.UK is for UK businesses etc., You should choose the most suitable one for your website.

10. URL :

URL stands for uniform research locator. This is what you click on or type a search engine to open a web page in your browser. For each page, post an image on its URL. For example, your page address is R12cloudhosting, and our blog address is R12cloud hosting blog.

11. IP address :

 All websites have an IP address. Besides having a URL address. This is a unique number. A URL cannot be understood by a computer. If Someone types one in a browser, the computer understands that IP address.

12. DNS :

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. DNS is a link between the URL and the IP address.When you type a URL in a search engine DNS finds the server that hosts the website you are searching for and then displays it in the browser.

When you create your website you have to register for the domain name. It makes things easy for the domain names and hosts to be in the same company.

Conclusion :

 First,you are consider to setup a website and are looking for an affordable web hosting plan that comes with a range of useful features and 24/7 technical support, Check out for shared hosting packages.

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